About us

Not just another fashion brand.
NAO is the time for a system change!

NAO Studios was born 2021 out of a tailor education project from the Eyes of Light Foundation in Ghana (Founder: Mohammed Mukhtar) and my vision of changing the fashion industry.

Based on our three values "Social Justice", "Radical Transparency" and "Long lasting Products", we create timeless women's wear.

It is about (Women-) Empowerment! We are fair, we are honest, we are radical transparent. full stop.

Social Justice

Social justice means, above all, appreciation from everyone involved. We value people over growth and profit.

#Whomademyclothes? That's us. Currently 10 seamstresses from the Eyes of Light Tailoring Project in Kumasi.
With the job as seamstress the young women and men can earn their own living and support their community.

They learn to work in processes and get a comprehensive insight into the fashion business with new machines, different fabrics, qualities and fits. With NAO Studios we want to strengthen creativity and commitment and open a new world of opportunities to live a free, independent and happy life.


Rebecca Ofori

Age: 28

The job as a seamstress means a lot...


Barikisu Zakariya

Age: 26

It`s important for seamstresses to have...


Sumaiya Suleiman

Age: 26

Seamstress means a lot to me in the sense...


Mustabshira Abdul Razak

Age: 21

Being a seamstress helped me acquire...


Abiba Lukman

Age: 21

The job as a seamstress means a lot...


Salwa Abdul Rahim

Age: 17

Seamstress means a lot to me as a career...


Alhassan Rahmat

Age: 19

The Job as a Seamstress means a...


Sharifa Awudu

Age: 20

Seamstress is my hobby, the job I like to do...


Elisabeth Opkuaa

Age: 19

It is my idea to be a seamstress...


Abdul Sameed Suleiman

Age: 24

The job as a tailor does a lot of things...

Radical Transparency

We believe we have an obligation to you to be as transparent as possible about our entire supply chain and beyond. Therefore, we provide you with all the information from the country of origin of the fiber, to the production of the fabric and most importantly, to all the information regarding the production of the garment by the Eyes of Lights Seamstresses in Ghana. In addition, we reveal the true cost behind all our products - from materials to labor to transportation.


Long Lasting Products

The core of our collection will be timeless, non-seasonal garments which we produce selected, rather in handwork than in mass and fully automated. It’s about quality, not quantity.

We ensure the fabrics come from suppliers who share our values 100%.

The two main fabric materials we use are certified Organic Cotton and Lyocell. Natural materials that are produced in a fair, sustainable and future-oriented way. With the right care, you can wear our garments for years.

Unfortunately, our yarn and zippers currently still consist of synthetic materials. Our goal is the complete replacement with sustainable materials.


Learn more about our materials and fabric suppliers on the collection page.

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And stay tuned to gain insights about our manufacturing processes, fabrics, suppliers and the heart of NAO Studios - our seamstresses.Sign up to our newsletter and become part of our community.